Class 2 – Newstead

Hello and welcome to Newstead Class, taught by Mrs Stacey.

I am looking forward to seeing the children progress through their Year 2 learning journey.

We have some great new topics planned, starting with ‘Our Local Area’, then moving on to ‘Food and Farming’ before looking at ‘The Wider World’, including London and Countries in Conflict.

We have lots of exciting trips and activities planned, as well as investigating and experimenting in our science topics: Living Things, Plants, Animals, including Humans and Everyday Materials. The children will also have the opportunities to learn new skills and techniques in Art, DT and Music. We are also able to use Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rockstars to reinforce our learning.

Please remember:

  • To read at least 4 times in a week to earn a PIP
  • Reading books and diaries need to be in school every day
  • P.E. kits will be needed on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Weekly spellings will be assessed on Fridays
  • Homework to be handed in on Wednesdays

In Newstead, we have a great Growth Mindset attitude, work as a team and are resilient – I am looking forward to the children being all of this and more!


Autumn Term 2021 

The children had a great start to the Autumn term, quickly settling in to their new school routines and enjoying a variety of activities across all areas of the curriculum.  

In maths, the topics covered were place value, addition and subtraction and money. Lots of different strategies were used to help with problem solving. In our English work, the class enjoyed being authors, making their own version of the story Not Now Bernard, applying all the new grammar concepts and vocabulary learnt so far. 

Livings Things and Materials were the science topics looked at and the children enjoyed investigating the school grounds for microhabitats and experimenting to find out how different materials could be altered and their suitability for a specific purpose 

Newstead’s main topic in History and Geography was Food and Farming and we linked this to our local area of East Markham and to the inventions of Jethro Tull and the voyages of Christopher Columbus. 

All the class regularly earned lots of stickers throughout the day to show this their understanding and application of our new school values that we stated in the second half of this term. 

Finally, at the end of the Autumn term, the children enjoyed their sewing project to make a Christmas bauble and singing Christmas Carols to everyone in the end of year performance. 

Newstead had a great first term and are looking forward to continuing their Learning Journey in the new year. 

Spring Term 2022 (part 1)

Newstead have had another busy and enjoyable half term and have continued to impress by applying the school values to whatever was asked of them.

In English the children have been looking at character and setting descriptions, using their spellings and new grammar concepts in their final pieces of writing. The maths topics have been multiplication and division, with the children understanding the relationship between the two and then finally statistics where different ways to gather and interpret information was looked at.

The science topic of Animals Including Humans, involved the children carrying out investigations related to keeping healthy and exercise. Other topics have included Queen Elizabeth 1st, The Spanish Armada, looking at Great Britain and making music using computers.

Year 2 are inquisitive and enthusiastic learners and are looking forward to the new topics we will be covering next.

Click here to see our learning overview – Newstead Spring 2 2022

Spring term 2022 (part 2)
Throughout this half term, the children have continued to impress everyone with how they have responded to and applied the school values and were often credited with being great role models.
In English the children looked at how to write a newspaper report which linked to our topic of the Great Fire of London. We also looked at the features that are needed to be able to write instructions.
Shape, fractions and problem solving were the main concepts looked at in maths with the children enjoying taking part in the Times Tables Rockstars Battles now with ks2.
Newstead have also enjoyed their science work on plants, carrying out an experiment to help understand the conditions needed for plants to grow healthily, made a window greenhouse and planted bulbs and seeds.


Over the past 6 weeks the children have also been working on their drawing skills in art, in computing understood what the term ‘attribute’ means and use this to help them organise data, thought about directions and routes and completed a dance unit based on our topic.
We also had 2 D.T. days when the children designed, made and evaluated a 17th Century fire engine.


The children enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day, wearing yellow and had visits from the Road Safety Team and a scientist explaining the life cycle of a butterfly for Science week. The term ended with everyone enjoying an outdoor learning experience day at Brackenhurst.  



Thank you year 2 for a great Spring term, I know you are all looking forward to the Easter break and then returning for our last term together.  We will be finishing our year 2 learning journey together with lots of new and exciting activities. 

Click the link to see our Summer term overview.

Newstead Summer 1 2022