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Our Governing Body is responsible for a wide range of matters which come under three main headings: Strategic Direction; Support Monitoring and Evaluation; and Ensuring Accountability.  Duties include overseeing management of the school budget, school effectiveness, preparation for an Ofsted inspection and involvement in a variety of personnel and pupil issues. 

The Governing Body works well together as a group, meeting at least six times per year.  Their time is given voluntarily and we are very grateful to the valued contributions our Governors make to the running and success of our school.


Our Governors are:


Mr Jeremy Bingham (Head Teacher)


Mrs Laura Duggin (Staff Governor) appointed 1/9/2018.  End of Term of Office 31/08/2022. 

Mr Guy Le Geyt (Chair of Governors) appointed as Chair on 10/12/2019.  End of Term of Office 10/12/2019.


Mrs Sarah Osborne (Co-Opted Governor) appointed 23/2/16.  End of Term of Office 23/2/2020. 


Mr David Booth (Parent Governor)  re-appointed 10/12/2019.  End of Term of Office 10/12/2023. 


Mr Chris Fitzpatrick (Co-Opted Governor)


Miss Nicola Hutchinson (Parent Governor) appointed 10/12/2019.  End of Term of Office 10/12/2020


Mrs Jo Bridge (LA Appointed Governor) appointed 01/03/2020.  End of Term of Office 01/03/2020







Notes Constitution:  The Constitution of the Governing Body is Up to 12 (currently 8)
Parent Governors:  Minimum of 2 (currently 3)
Staff Governors: 1 (currently 1)
The Head Teacher: 1
Co-Opted:  2

Local Authority:  1