At East Markham Primary School, we have three key values relating to the way we behave when at school, or when representing our school.

These are:

  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Safe

We believe that positive rewards for good behaviour and hard work should be the mainstay of our behaviour policy. We should all come to school expecting to be treated in a courteous, polite manner and have our opinions valued and respected. Our behaviour policy underpins this by rewarding this sort of behaviour.

We recognise that most children self-regulate their behaviour and behave very well every day, never needing to be reminded about how to behave appropriately. We want to encourage these children, as well as those who may not behave appropriately sometimes, to self-regulate their behaviour positively.

To find out more about our positive approach to behaviour, you can read our full behaviour policy here.

A link to a recording of our behaviour parent workshop can be found here