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School Values



At East Markham Primary School, we aim to develop highly motivated life long learners striving to achieve their best.


Our pupils will:

  • gain a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills to the highest standards in line with their potential;
  • develop an enquiring mind to become life long learners;
  • become independent thinkers, able to develop their own values and beliefs;
  • be able to work independently and collaboratively;
  • acknowledge and be able to discuss the values and beliefs of others;
  • be empathetic, considerate and respectful of others, living things and the environment;
  • develop their self esteem and confidence;
  • have knowledge and understanding the choose a healthy lifestyle.



We will provide:

  • a broad and balanced curriculum which is accessible and challenging;
  • a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment;
  • an ethos of support, challenge and risk taking with an expectation to succeed;
  • high quality teaching which embraces different learning needs styles and incorporates investigative approaches to learning/offsite opportunities;
  • a range of opportunities for pupils to participate in: decision making opportunities, spiritual moral and cultural activities, extra-curricular activities;
  • rich, varied and up-to-date learning resources;
  • forge strong home/school/community relationships/partnerships;
  • high expectations of attainment and behaviour.