Foundation 1 – Caterpillars

We appreciate that starting school is such an important and special time for you and your child. Our Foundation 1 class caters for children from the age of three years, until they move into Foundation 2. We follow the new Early Years Framework, alongside the Development Matters guidance and our excellent understanding of child development and different learning styles, to help us plan experiences that are rich, memorable and meaningful to our children.

To apply for a place, please complete the application form. Once complete, the application can be sent by post, email or dropped off at the school office.

Welcome to Caterpillar Class!

Welcome to Caterpillars, the nursery class at East Markham Primary School! We are a curious and inquisitive bunch who are excited to learn about the world around us and each other, all while having fun and making new friends. Our teacher is Miss Everatt, and she is helped by Mrs Jubb and Mrs Williams, our wonderful teaching assistants.

The nursery year is an important time for children as it sets the solid foundations for their educational journey. We are delighted to share the first steps with them as they discover, learn and grow. We also appreciate the support of parents in this journey, and work closely with you to support your child and their needs. Equally, if you have a special skill or interest that might support our learning, we would love to have you come and visit! We also love to celebrate special events and the lives of our caterpillars, and love to hear from their grown-ups about what they’ve been doing.

Our curriculum is mostly play based with meaningful adult interactions supporting the children to develop and grow, as well as some short adult led sessions covering a range of topics and subjects to further support their development, and prepare them for the reception year.

Our school values play a huge role in our class as they interweave throughout the timetable. We encourage the children to be resilient when challenged and have courage when facing something new, to be passionate about everything they do, and to show respect and empathy to others in our school community.

We do our best to make sure your child feels safe, secure and happy at school. We cannot wait to meet our new caterpillars and their families, to build those relationships to kick start their educational journey.

Miss Everatt, Mrs Jubb and Mrs Williams

Key Information:

– Our morning starts at 8.30 and ends at 11.30. Our afternoon starts at 12.30 and ends at 3.30.

– Our everyday essentials are: a coat, a water bottle and a smile.

– If your child wishes to bring a bag with them, they may bring a small backpack for their belongings.

– Please make sure that all belongings are labelled with their name.

– We do have a tendency to get dirty, but that’s okay. It means we’ve had fun!

– We have a library system where you can take books home to read. We change them once they are returned.

Helpful Websites / Key Resources:

  • What-to-expect-in-the-EYFS-complete-FINAL-16.09-compressed.pdf ( – A useful and parent friendly guide to what the EYFS looks like.

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