Class 4 – Sherwood

Welcome to Sherwood Class!

Taught by Miss Stevenson.

We are not just any Year 4 class, we are the greatest Year 4 class ever to grace this Earth! We are lucky enough to have exciting topics, linking to all of our learning. We will begin the Autumn term, with the History topic of Ancient Egyptians, where we will be exploring ancient artefacts, the Egyptian pyramids, the day in the life of an Egyptian and we might even do some mummifying! In the Spring Term, we will be moving onto the exciting topic of the Anglo Saxons, where we will look at settlements, explore Anglo Saxon art and learn how they were conquered. This will lead nicely into our Summer topic of Vikings, where we can have our very own Viking raid and invasions!

Are you ready to put your times tables to the test?! By the end of Year 4 you will be showing off your mesmerising ability to recall your times tables in your sleep! In Sherwood class, we learn our these in fun and engaging ways, by playing games, doing outdoor learning and taking part in major competitions (with prizes of course!).

In this class, you can look forward to lots of other exciting learning in other lessons too, including electricity in Science, Europe in Geography and learning lots of different artistic techniques!

Please remember:

  • PE kits and homework books in on Wednesdays
  • PE Kit on Fridays
  • Spelling test on Fridays

Weekly homework includes practice on Times Table Rockstars and reading four times a week. Extra pips are given to those who complete four reads or more in one week.

Sherwood Class Autumn Term Overview

Sherwood Class Spring Term Overview

Spring Term Update

Sherwood had a very busy Spring term, continuously working hard and being credited for the way in which they present themselves as role models to the rest of the school. This meant that we managed to fill our marble jar this term and as a treat, we had a gaming and picnic afternoon, which was amazing!

In Maths, we have been working particularly hard on our timestables and we can now almost recall every multiplication and division fact up to 12 x 12. We showed our talents in Spring term 1 during the KS2 TTRockstars battle, where we won by miles! This was a really proud moment for our class.

We linked our History topic to our English lessons this term and wrote an explanation text all about Viking Raids on the Anglo Saxons. After this, we were able to explain all that there was to know about how Vikings conducted vicious raids. However, we then learnt how the Vikings were stopped in the Battle of Hastings and even recreated this battle ourselves on the field!

We had a really fun couple of DT Days, where we researched, designed and created our very own Viking boats. We even tested their durability after and luckily, not many sank!

One of the most enjoyable events of the Spring Term was our Science trip to Magna. Here we got to visit different rooms and take part in activities about Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. After this, Year 4 were lucky enough to experience an electricity workshop in preparation for our Electricity Science topic in the Summer Term.

Miss Stevenson is extremely proud of how hard Sherwood class have worked in the Spring term and looks forward to more to come in the Summer Term.


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