Class 1 – Kelham


Welcome to Kelham Class. Year One are extremely lucky as we have two teachers for the price of one! The teaching team for this year are Mrs Chase (Monday-Wednesday) and Miss Woods (Thursday-Friday). Both of whom are always equipped with a smile on their face and words of praise and encouragement to help the children maintain a positive attitude – an essential to promote effective learning.

In our class we encourage enquiry based learning. Children will immerse themselves in hands on activities, learning through play to develop an enjoyment of learning, to encourage children to ask questions and equip them with the skills to become a critical thinker.

We always encourage a growth mindset, incorporating sufficient challenge in our learning. Mistakes are celebrated and learnt from – these are essential in learning and making connections.

We have so many fun and exciting learning activities planned for this year and we can’t wait to share them all with you. We will begin the Autumn term by celebrating our heroes with the topic ‘Who are our heroes?’ Get ready to investigate all our different, real life heroes and hopefully meet some as well!

In Spring we will look at ‘The Royal Family’, where we will incorporate lots of outdoor learning to find out more about the environment around us.

In Summer we will sail ‘Around the World’, learning about different countries and cultures along the way.

We are so excited to have you all in our classroom this year, we are going to have a great time learning, exploring and making lots of special memories.


  • To read 4 times a week for 1 PIP (Extra PIPs will be awarded for effort!)
  • Reading diaries should be brought in to school every day
  • PE kits should be in school on a Monday and Friday


Spring update

Kelham Class have been fortunate to have lots of interactive experiences during our Spring topic, ‘The Royal Family’. 

In English, children delved into a number of stories, such as The Queen’s hat; thinking about where her hat may blow to next and The three little pigs; writing their own instructions on how to ‘wolf proof’ a house. The children used such imaginative skills and are really starting to impress the Year 1 teachers with the creative flair in their writing. 

Children learnt all about our monarch, her life and what it would be like to be part of the Royal family. Design and Technology days linked well to this topic and children were able to create their own royal coat of arms….all whilst learning new ways to join materials together.


In Science this term, children have put their ‘green fingers’ to the test. They have learnt about common plants and what they need to survive, they have planted seeds and observed their growth and learned about deciduous and evergreen trees.

As the term came to a close, Kelham class were fortunate to visit Brackenhurst. Whilst on our school trip, children learned more about plants and put to practise naming the trees around them. They also had the opportunity to create some fantastic art work using nature, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.