Class 5 – Thoresby

Thoresby Class is taught by Mr Borman

Obviously the best Year 5 class in the county country WORLD, any pupils lucky enough to be part of Thoresby Class can look forward to a range of exciting topics this year. In geography, we will be looking at South America, biomes and climate zones, and using fieldwork skills in the local area. In history, we will be looking at the Shang Dynasty, Our local area’s history, and finally, take ourselves back to the marvels of Ancient Greece.

But that’s not all. Oh not one bit. We will also be having a blast investigating and experimenting in science. Our enquiries will include testing materials and their properties, learning about the life cycles of plants and animals (including humans), SPACE (How awesome is that???) and investigating some of the many forces we live with.

Year Five can also look forward to completing loads of artistic and design activities, including cooking, drawing and painting skills, model making and various themed pieces from our topics.

Please remember:

  • P.E kits on Wednesday.
  • Swimming kit on a Thursday (until February half term)
  • Reading Records on a Friday. Spellings are also tested and new homework set.

Weekly homework includes practice on Spelling Shed, Times Table Rockstars and reading four times a week.

Autumn Term Update

It has been a thrilling start to the year in Thoresby Class!

In English, we have travelled to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to describe a never before seen creature, discussed the merits of siding with revolting slaves in the Shang Dynasty, written an exciting narrative about falling kingdoms and the right of a girl to choose her own destiny and scared the living daylights out of each other with spooky ghost stories and chilling tales not for the faint of heart. Four members of the class have reaching ‘Astounding readers’ or higher as well!

Maths is off to a great start with focus on place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. Lots of the class have been extremely successful in challenging themselves to complete the Automatic training mode on TT Rockstars and we now have the most of any class! Several have braved and completed the final level of the formidable Times Table challenge.

Year 5 have been exploring the reality of the people of the Shang Dynasty in Ancient China, taking on various roles in their societal structure and designing their own settlements and nature spirits. We have explored the role of historical artefacts as sources of evidence, including making our own jade jewellery, terracotta statues, willow pattern plates and ‘dragon bones’. We have also been looking at the features and diversity present in South America, including how to find the absolute and relative locations of places, the importance of the rainforest and how to map resources.

Our science this term has mostly focused on investigating and classifying materials and their properties. Some of the exciting things we have been enquiring about are what kinds of materials make the best dishcloths, how we can sort materials such as rocks and stones, the factors that affect dissolving and what kinds of changes are reversible and irreversible. We have also had lots of fun investigating conductivity with circuits and how we can keep our drinks warmer with different insulators. Moving on, we have looked at how humans start to grow and change, having collected lots of data around the school around the heights of boys and girls in each class, then using that data to make graphs for analysis.

Thoresby were happy to have participated in the Harvest Festival and the Christmas festivities were we sang a wonderful rendition of ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’. The Art club is also in full swing with lots of fantastic projects being crated form diaries to door signs to dioramas.

Let’s hope we have just as much fun in 2022!

Spring Term Update

Over the Spring term, Thoresby have been engaging in exciting activities involving Ancient Greece, fairground rides and the biomes of Planet Earth.

In science, we have been looking at life cycles and reproduction as well as space. We have investigated shadows and the movement of objects in our Solar System as well as constellations, gravity and how ideas have changed over time. This was topped off with a trip to Magna where apart from exploring all of their science exhibits, we had a workshop on space where we witnessed a very impressive rocket demonstration!

We have had a great time exploring the influence and legacy of the ancient Greeks, including taking on the roles of famous Greek heroes and the gods and goddesses, planning and building our own settlements and exploring the differences in the day to day life they had. In geography, each pupil has completed a project on a particular biome, including a non-chronological report, diorama and other pieces of associated work.

Apart from all of this we have written some fantastic theme park advertisements and myth explanations, and constructed some thrilling fairground attractions as part of this terms Design & Technology days!




Click the link to see the 2022 Summer Thoresby Class Parent Letter