Class 6 Welbeck

Welcome to Welbeck Class!

Year 6 is a very special year with lots of exciting events and activities to look forward to. This year we will be working with you to help build your independence, confidence and resilience as well as preparing together for the SATS towards the end of the year. Our motto in Welbeck is ‘Work hard, play hard’; we can’t wait to get cracking! 


Autumn Term 2021-2022

This term has seen us cover a variety of topics. The children explored non-fiction writing through the guise of a police report after a ‘robbery’ in the classroom. It was particularly exciting but some seemed to think Mr Pearson had something to do with it. 
We moved on to narrative writing using Alma as our basis. The children explore the themes of the film and tried to recreate the unease and eerie feeling in their writing. 

In Science, we first learnt about the circulatory system. This was fascinating as we learnt about blood groups, how the lungs pass oxygen to the blood stream and the other nutrients transported around the body. The topic ended in a hands on dissection of a lamb’s heart in the classroom. We were able to look at the different chambers in the heart, the way the muscle is formed and we were able to investigate the problems with fatty tissue on the heart. 





History took us through the ages to look at crimes and punishments from the Anglo Saxons right up to modern day. We created huge timelines that children made to show their learning, week by week. 

Geography took us to the continent of North America. We compared cities and looked at trades and transport. We compared the Mississippi and Great Colorado rivers. 

As the term came to an end, we were very lucky to be able to visit The National Justice Museum in Nottingham. This linked to our History topic as we explored the different ‘ages’ in the museum. The guides were able to teach us about the differences between the judicial system through the ages. We also took part in a mock trial where each child had a role to play, from barrister to jury. The case centered around a girl who had been accused of cyberbullying. Unfortunately, one of our classmates was found guilty and the judge sentenced them to a suspended sentence and community service. 
It was a fantastic day and the children learned more than we had been able to cover in our lessons. 


Click here to see the overview for Spring term 2022.
Spring Term Overview Parents.pdf

Spring Term 1

This term seems to have flown by. That might be due to all the learning we have crammed in and partly due to the excitement leading up to our Forest School morning. 
The children have worked incredibly hard this term. There has been a huge boost in confidence and they are all demonstrating new skills and knowledge across subjects. 
In Science, the children really enjoyed learning about evolution and the changes that have occurred over time due to the change in environmental or physical factors. We used this new knowledge of mass extinction events when discussing what changes might occur, in Geography, in the future.

The children worked so hard that, at the end of the half term, we spent a very cold morning on the field. We lit a fire, toasted marshmallows, made s’mores and made a decorative wood cookie. It was a fantastic way to end the term.







Decorating wood cookies

Spring Term 2

The marble jar is filling up so quickly these days. The children in Welbeck have been working so hard. They seem to have a new found vigour, demonstrating resilience and courage in their lessons, learning new topics and skills. Mr Pearson (who has joined us again) has commented very positively on the children’s working and their attitude towards each other. What a lovely thing to hear!

We have been learning about World War Two. We have covered evacuation, The Blitz, rationing and the war on the Home Front.
The RE topic has linked to our topic too and the children have been learning about Nicholas Winton, the humanitarian who rescued 669 children from persecution via the scheme later known as ‘Kindertransport’. To support this learning, we took a trip to the National Holocaust Museum in Laxton. The children learnt about a boy called Leo and followed his journey, as a young Jewish boy, as his life changed in the years before the war started. This was a truly humbling experience. We visited the rose gardens and each placed a stone on a large pile at the entrance to remember those who were killed during the war. 








Our DT Days also linked well with our topic. After learning that the children on the Kindertransport were allowed to take everything that they needed but it had to fit inside their suitcase, we discussed cuddly toys. I tasked the children with making a small toy for children to take with them on the train. I was so impressed with the ideas that the class came up with. It was two days of threading needles and some unpicking of knots, but the children showed so much passion for their project. Here are a few of the children planning, making and evaluating their projects.



I hope the children have a lovely Easter break. I am looking forward to seeing them for our last term together – I hope we can fit in some more fantastic learning experiences.


The Summer Term has begun and we’ve already had a few warm days. Lovely!  Click below for our term overview.

Summer Term Overview